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Tsunami Video: Tsunami Prevention - What Could Have Been Done

In this set of video footage from the 2004 tsunami, some interesting clips focusing on the issue of tsunami prevention, what could have been done and what should be done in the future to avoid similar tragedies from repeating themselves.

Map of the hit areas from the 2004 tsunami

The video clips shown here below explain some of the issues relating to tsunami prevention and to some of the communication breakdowns that avoided appointed officials and organizations in the alerted countries to take the necessary evacuation steps in time.

To view the videos listed below you only need to click the "Play" button displayed on top of the video or right below it. The video will start playing withion a few seconds.

If you have a slow Internet connection and the video stutters, and doesn't play in a fluid manner, do the following:
a) Click the play button, and as soon as the video or audio starts to play

b) Click the Pause button

c) Await that the progress bar below the video fills up (this may take quite some time - be patient)

d) Click the Play button again.

e) Now the video should play smoothly.

If you are still having problems I suggest you download the full video to your computer (I provide a link to the original video next to each clip) and then watch it directly from yourt hard disk using a standard video media player (like Windows Media Player or the QuickTime Player).

Voice of America
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Tsunami 2004 Video Archive


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